Blue Flower

Who Am I?

Photo by Two Dreamers from Pexels


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I am the sun that shines on the World

I am the blue sky and the lofty clouds

I am the hanging moon and stars in the night sky

I am the towering mountains and gentle hills

I am the trees, plants and fields of flowers

I am the bubbling streams and every body of water


I am the summer day and the kiss of a gentle breeze

I am the rains and drifting leaves of fall 

I am the winter cold and the quiet snow

I am the smell of spring on an afternoon walk


I am countless faces

I am countless voices

I am father and son

I am love


I am all things here and there, both great and small

I am the emptiness that bares witness to them all


Suggested 2 minute YouTube video: CosmicValet/You