Blue Flower

The Joy of Living

Photo by Melissa from Pexels


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Happiness is subjective.  Each individual has their own notion of happiness and will strive to obtain it.  What we miss in that pursuit are the simple pleasures that life provides in abundance.  The simplest activity can be immensely enjoyable if we just take the time to enjoy it.  


Eating an apple sounds mundane, but when you focus on the act of eating an apple, it is quite enjoyable.  This should be our outlook on everything we do in life, including tasks that require effort. Turning the supposedly mundane into a sacred right of life will give it all that more importance.  If we can find enjoyment in most everything we do, whether it be getting dressed in the morning or mowing the lawn, how much happier would our lives be.


This is not to say you should abandon those things that interest you greatly.  Absolutely, follow your passions so that you might find all that much more happiness.  However, do not forget the simple pleasures of life along the way. 


Make everything you do in life sacred, a ritual of appreciation, a fully realized moment.