Blue Flower


Years ago I was working as a shipping clerk.  Every morning I would come into work, wait for the shipping lists to print, and spend the remainder of the day trying to balance blur boulder close up 355863
bring order to complete chaos.  It was a highly stressful job that made me both mentally and physically exhausted.


One day during my lunch break I was sitting outside the warehouse on a patch of grass,  I crossed my legs and started to focus on what I was feeling at that moment, mentally, emotionally and physically.  What I realized was that my body is tightly connected to my mind, and that negative thoughts and emotions played a role in how my body felt. 


Somehow by allowing myself to feel my feelings, both emotionally and physically, I started  to connect with my own being; and started to feel better overall. I continued to practice this meditation daily on my lunch breaks until one day, while driving home from work, a feeling of absolute peace came over me.  I was hooked on the practice after that, and soon afterward purchased a meditation pillow so I could meditate at home.


As I began meditating at home, I started noticing those things that usually go unnoticed.  The neighbors barking dog, the sound of distant cars on the highway, and the wind chime outside. I was becoming more conscious of consciousness. 


There are those who will insist that you must sit a certain way, or do this or that in order to benefit from meditation.   My opinion is that there is no standard practice for meditating. In fact, throwing a bed pillow on the floor is plenty good for sitting and meditating.  A private space is, I believe, necessary. Any space where you can spend time without interruption is good. Also, there is no set duration of time for meditating,  Fifteen minutes to an hour, whichever you please, is fine.


Remember that the practice of meditation is for you.  It is not a choir or some burdensome ritual. It is all about getting in touch with your being and should be beneficial.