Blue Flower

adorable blur breed close up 406014

They live like kings and queens, having been given free room and board, free medical and companions who love them.  Usually a loving stroke can be had by simply jumping in someone’s lap or rubbing against a leg when they want attention.  More times than not, they share our bed and couch.


Our pets keep us company when there are no others around.  They don’t judge our character and are always happy to see us.  In return we take pleasure in giving them treats, taking them out for a walk, or sharing our personal space.


As I write this, my dog rests at the foot of my bed on which I am reclined.  I’m stroking her with my bare foot from time to time. It’s all good to her. She will stay near me late tonight while I am busy working on the computer, knowing that I won’t sleep before having a final snack, knowing I will save the final bite of that snack for her.


I believe it was Eckhart Tolle who said our pets might be angels. I believe he is correct.  They give and receive so much love.


Photo by Lum3n from Pexels