Blue Flower

aerial photo of cityscape at night 2362004

There is a certain thrill I would have as a teenager when traveling to the city.  All the people, cars and constant bustle gave the scene so much energy that it couldn’t be ignored.  Though I am a lover of nature and her sweet serenity, the city is her counterpart, and has its own allure.


The pure excitement that I felt was incredible.  As a teenager I had a friend who lived on the other side of town, so going to his house involved catching a bus and traveling downtown to catch another bus to his house. He, his brother and I spent many summer days exploring the city.  We would jump on elevators to the top floors for the best view--sometimes getting chased away by security.


Now that I work downtown, I find it enjoyable to leave early so I can explore the city once again.  It is not the youthful thrill I once had as a teenager, but possibly I have a greater appreciation for humanity and its constant ongoing energy that is on display.  It is not uncommon for me to sit on a bench and just quietly observe people as they pass by. 


It is true, I am a fool for the city.


Photo by Benjamin Suter from Pexels