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Mala Beads are used when reciting a mantra or prayer.  There are 108 beads plus the head bead which is called the Guru Bead.  Often there are three beads of beaded necklace 2312971
different color spaced evenly on the string that signify your progression through the string of beads as you recite your mantra.  Mala Beads can be made of various materials, but sandalwood, rosewood and gemstone are most common.


Draping the string of beads over the middle finger of your right hand, begin your mantra with your thumb on the first bead next to the Guru Bead.  Use your thumb to slide the string to the next bead with each recitement of your mantra.


A word of caution when buying your Mala beads.  I purchased some mala beads from Chinese origin.  After wearing them for a couple weeks I developed a rash on my neck.  I then put them on my wrist, thinking that my neck might have been too sensitive.  I soon developed a rash on my wrist.  


Making your own string of Mala Beads is very much an option and makes them all that more personal.  Beads can be purchased online, as can elastic string.

Photo by Enrico Guala from Pexels