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The below mantra  can be used for healing yourself, others, and the World

Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung



Ra - Sun

Ma - Moon

Da - Earth

Sa - Energy of the Infinite

Sa - Energy of the Infinite

Say - Totality of All in One

So - Emerging Personal Identity with the Whole

Hung - The Infinite Vibration


A pleasant video Ra Ma da Sa

The Mind

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If we observe the present moment, thinking not of the past or the future, more often than not we will see that everything in the present is not so serious.  Our thoughts can often be our worst enemy, causing needless suffering. People spend countless hours and sleepless nights worrying about one thing or another, their mind rolling over the same negative thoughts.


The mind can cause emotional and physical stress when we allow it to take hold of us.  Learn to watch the mind passively and understand that the mind is not you. 


Only the mind lives in the past and future; you always live in the present.  Only the mind can travel in time; you are always experiencing the present moment.  It is when we live in mind that we lose the experience of the present. Only in the present moment can you cause change. 


The mind is a wonderful tool; however, it is a terrible master.  Learn how to master the mind. Don’t take it too seriously. Make it yours and understand it has no power other than that which you give it,


Here is an excellent 4 minute video on YouTube that I highly recommend:  Alan Watts/The Mind

Who Am I?

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I am the sun that shines on the World

I am the blue sky and the lofty clouds

I am the hanging moon and stars in the night sky

I am the towering mountains and gentle hills

I am the trees, plants and fields of flowers

I am the bubbling streams and every body of water


I am the summer day and the kiss of a gentle breeze

I am the rains and drifting leaves of fall 

I am the winter cold and the quiet snow

I am the smell of spring on an afternoon walk


I am countless faces

I am countless voices

I am father and son

I am love


I am all things here and there, both great and small

I am the emptiness that bares witness to them all


Suggested 2 minute YouTube video: CosmicValet/You

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The Joy of Living

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Happiness is subjective.  Each individual has their own notion of happiness and will strive to obtain it.  What we miss in that pursuit are the simple pleasures that life provides in abundance.  The simplest activity can be immensely enjoyable if we just take the time to enjoy it.  


Eating an apple sounds mundane, but when you focus on the act of eating an apple, it is quite enjoyable.  This should be our outlook on everything we do in life, including tasks that require effort. Turning the supposedly mundane into a sacred right of life will give it all that more importance.  If we can find enjoyment in most everything we do, whether it be getting dressed in the morning or mowing the lawn, how much happier would our lives be.


This is not to say you should abandon those things that interest you greatly.  Absolutely, follow your passions so that you might find all that much more happiness.  However, do not forget the simple pleasures of life along the way. 


Make everything you do in life sacred, a ritual of appreciation, a fully realized moment.